Curriculum Vitae

P. Steve Ramirez, M.S., C.R.C.





Vocational Expert, Senior Consultant whose strengths are in strategic case management planning & timely plan development for vocational rehabilitation. Worked with individuals with disabilities through Social Security (Ticket to Work/EN). Visionary leadership will assure close contact with clients during training to resolve problems and to verify that the placement fits the clients’ abilities. Worked with Veterans through Heritage of America, casework providing job placement services and job coaching.

- Deemed a Vocational Expert by the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB).   

    Qualified as an Expert in the Bakersfield, Stockton, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Fresno      

   WCAB venues.

           - State Approved Vocational Return to Work Counselor.

            - Deemed Vocational Expert by Social Security Administration.

            - Counsel both Spanish and English speaking clientele.

            -‚Äč Expert Witness Evaluation and Testimony.

- Prepare Vocational & Economic Analysis Reports: Vocational Feasibility Reports studies, Ogilvie

    Reports, Diminished Future Earning Capacity Reports, Diminished Labor Market Analysis

   Vocational Evaluations and Le Boeuf casework used in WCAB litigation.

            - Forensic Rehabilitation, multiple disabilities, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and pediatric

                Brain damage. Psychological assessment issues affecting Life Care Planning. Tenets &               

              Methodology of Life Care Planning. Certificates through University of Florida Rehabilitation       

              Training Institute.

- The California Association of Rehabilitation & Reemployment Professionals (CARRP) former                 Central Valley Regional Coordinator.


Professional Experience


P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Services / Ramirez & Associates                                                          1995-Present

CEO, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

Provide successful case management leadership throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Well-versed in the

California Labor Code and CA Workers Compensation disability management procedures. Provide

comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services to industrially injured employees and strive to extend the

highest respect of dignity and rights of the individual. Promote the personal, social, and economic

independence of individuals with disabilities. Direct disabled clients to consider occupations and

circumstances that are consistent with the disabled clients’ overall abilities, vocational limitations, physical

restrictions, general temperament, interest and aptitude patterns, social skills, education, general

qualifications and other relevant characteristics and needs. Assist these individuals with job placement services.  








California State University, Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling,  Fresno, CA

Fresno Pacific University, Bachelor of Arts in Management Human Resources, Fresno, CA

California State University, Course Emphasis: Social Work, Fresno, CA

California State University, Course Emphasis: Social Work, Sacramento, CA




-   CRCC (Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification) – Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

-   OBRA (Organizational Bilingual Rehabilitation Association)- Former Central Valley Coordinator

-   CARRP (California Association of Rehabilitation and Reemployment Professionals)-Former Board Member, Central Valley Regional Coordinator

-   CCRA (Central California Rehabilitation Association)-Former President

-   ABVE (American Board of Vocational Experts)-Associate


Additional Data


            Anthony Robbins Mastery University,         Certification of Completion of System

            -Mastery University is the most advanced system you'll find for taking command of the many       

                aspects of life”


            Cancer Survivor, diagnosed with cancer in 1999

           -Beat the affliction to return to continue as a vocational rehabilitation counselor and become a top                leader in the industry.


            Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, 2016

            -No. 00217497, Valid through September 30, 2021